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image credit: Huong Ngo and Hong-An Truong, Rehearsal for Education

The goal of Momenta Art’s Education Program is to develop students’ cognitive/interpretative abilities and working knowledge of artistic media, in order to facilitate the students’ abilities to pursue their own critical inquiry through art-viewing and art-making. Connected to Momenta’s existing Exhibition Program, which focuses on critical art projects that address urgent social issues through aesthetically sophisticated forms, Momenta Art aims to introduce students in their formative years to contemporary visual art practice and a variety of interdisciplinary critical issues we face today. Currently, our program consists of four inter-related divisions: Dialog Among Educators, Workshop, Gallery Tour and Summer Arts Program.


Current Project: Summer Arts Program July - August 2016

Momenta Art’s Summer Arts Program is a six-week-long workshop for NYC youth in collaboration with the New York City Housing Authority and Department of Youth and Community Development. Guided by Momenta Art’s educators, students create original performance works, culminating in a public presentation. Our program introduces students to contemporary art practice and interdisciplinary critical issues, encouraging them to initiate and continue their own critical inquiry through artmaking and artviewing.


The application is currently open through the city's website (Deadline: April 29th) :


*This is a unique program that all participating students will be paid minimum wage of $9 per hours through the Department of Youth and Community Development.


Please view this footage is from a pilot program that we conducted during July – August 2015.


Dialog among Art Educators is a series of panel discussions/workshops organized by professional artist/educators. These discussions are free and open to the public. Our aim is to nurture a community of active and engaged teaching artists in order to re-envision the roles of the arts in urban education.


Momenta Art organizes free thematic workshops for high school students in our vicinity, in conjunction with each of our exhibitions. A workshop is typically a one-day session during after-school hours, 3:30-6:00 pm, conducted by exhibiting artists, curators or invited teaching artists. Momenta Art coordinates our workshops in different formats compatible to the content proposed by art teachers. Our exhibitions address urgent issues concerning our society, and, through our educational workshops, Momenta Art aims to introduce our students to contemporary art practice as well as to fundamental social issues that we face today.  Balancing theory and practice, our workshops aim to expose our students to particular art practices and social issues, and to encourage our students to explore creative outputs of their own design by triggering new interests and aspirations.


Gallery Tours:

Upon request, Momenta Art accommodates group visits of K-12 students in order to provide opportunities for creative youth in their formative years to have exposure to existing artistic practices as well as to nurture their creative and critical thinking skills. Visual images and lived experience through art can inspire complex and multiple interpretations. Each visit is facilitated by Momenta Art's educators, who are experienced in the methods of group inquiry.


The visits are free. Please call 718-218-8058 or e-mail for inquiry and scheduling visits.