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Momenta’s Video Library was initiated as a chronicle of the video works exhibited at Momenta Art since its inception in 1995. Reflecting Momenta’s mission to promote critical works by emerging and underrepresented artists, it evolved as an alternative resource to view video works that cannot be accessed elsewhere.


Our video library is open to the public, Thursday to Monday, 12-6pm or by appointment. Everyone is welcome to view the archive. If you would like to ensure availability of the library, please make a reservation by e-mailing


We also rent dvds for screenings and exhibitions. Please contact regarding rental options.



Available Works

Jaishri Abichandani: Happily Never After

                              Three Muses

Michael Ballou: Wallpaper (runners)

                       7 Short Films

                       Art Lovers

                       Luckey the Plastic Dog

                       Meat Market Edit: 5 Short Films

                       Wallpaper (siding)

Katia Bassanini: Compilation 2000-2006

Sarah  Beddington: Compilation 2002-03 (9 works)

Janet Biggs: Apraxia

                   Untitled Compilation 1997-2003

                   Video Documentation

Robert Blanchon: Let's just Kiss and Say Goodbye

Robert Boyd Xanadu: a place where dreams come true

Jed Brain Compilation: 1: American Burnout, Bummer Patrol

                                 2: Bummer Patrol, Stabwoofie

David  Burns: Chicken Anonymous

                     Selected Videos 2003 - 2005

Miguel Calderon: Hermanos Lelos

Jorge & Michele Calvo & Beck: Compilation (8 works)

Tony Cokes: the return of evil- study

                   Pop Manifestos

                   Shrink (1 & 2)

                   Black Celebration

                   (A rebellion against the commodity)

                   evil & shrink demos

Tony & Donald Cokes & Trammel: Fade to Black

Stefaan Deheedene: Compilation 2002-2006

                               A Manual 1

                               Selected Videos 2002 - 2006

Paula Delgado: Complilation

Louise Diedrich: A Black Rose Grows In Your Garden

Lisa DiLillo: Encounters

                 Corrections and Clarifications

David Dixon: God's Cage

                    Unloosened and Root

Maria Dumlao: Collaborations: Brainstormers & The Go Show

                      Loom and other works

Ira Eduardovna That. There. Then

eteam: Paradox of the 10 Acres Square

           1.1 acre flat screen (with Train Stop Inn)

Omer Fast: The Bad Demo Disk of Chopped-Up Works

                 Selected Works Extracts

James Fotopoulos: The Pig

                            Spine Face

Rico Gatson: Gun Play

Michelle Handelman: Compilation

Daniel Herskowitz: Fitness

                            Notes on a Primatology Conference

                            Conference on Human Ethology

Michelle Hines: Compilation (1997-2003, 6 works)

Yasu Ichige: Rally;Burnout;Mud

Claudia Joskowicz: Compilation (1999-2003, 8 Works)

                            Drawn & Quartered

                            Selected Works

Elisabeth Kley: Peacock

Prapon Joe Kumjim: Road Cooking 2002

Les Leveque: DRLOA loop

Francisco Lopez: Mogollon

                         Telepathic Numbness

Cynthia Lovett: Lemon Landmines

Kristin  Lucas: C4BR: Science and Nature

                                Compilation (1996-2003, 7 works)

Cynthia  Madansky PSA No. 2. No. 8

Mary Magsamen: Compilation 2001-03

Vincent Meessen: N12˚13.062’ / W001˚32.619’ Extended

                          The Intruder

                          A Broken Rule

                          The Invisibles' Parliament

Ricardo Miranda: Fallout

                         The Passionate Ritual

                         Twisted Tree

Nicolas Moulin: Nun


Laurel Nakadate: Video Excerpts

                          Nawen White House

Christian Nguyen Compilation

Nicedisc Nicedisc: Fade, Fade + Flicker, Flicker

Sarah Oppenheimer: Screen: Field Study / Control

Ana Peterson: Selected Videos 1997 - 2006

Luther Price: Gut Me No Dog Dog

Yozef Robakowski: From My Window 1978 -1999

Aida Ruilova: I Have to stop, this is great, ah… etc.

Jackie Salloum: Interview

                       Planet of the Arabs, Arabs a-go-go

Martin Sastre: Bolivia 3: Confederation Next

                      Selected Works [TWO COPIES]

William Scarbrough: Compilation 1993-2003

Heidi Schlatter: America Rising

Karina Skvirsky: Work Sample—4 videos on DVD

Michael Smith: Selected Works 1978-1984

                      Selected Works 1985-2003

Speculative Archive (David Thorne and Julia Meltzer) Syria Kubra

Deborah Stratman: In Order Not To Be Here

                             Kings of the Sky

                             Energy Country

Sara Ching-Yu Sun: Video Work

Julie Tolentino: For You

Momoyo Torimitsu: Inside Track

                            Miyata Jiro, Business in Sydney

                            Minibizman (Horizons)

Mark Tribe: Birdsall5

Traci Tullins: Video: 2001 - 2006

Liselot van der Heijden: Rear Window


                                   Monument Valley


Miguel Ventura: Becoming C.B.

                        The P.M.S dilema

                        the basic language cave

Pawel Wojtasik: Dark Sun Squeeze, Naked, The Aquarium

Saya Woolfalk: Edited Performance Video

                      Winter Garden: Hybrid Love Objects

James Yamada: The Results Of Energy Being Neither Created Nor Destroyed On A Sunny Day

Juliane Zelwies: Masterpieces

Ricardo Miranda Zuniga: Fallout

                                    The Passionate Ritual

                                    Twisted Tree

Leslie Thornton, Jayson Musson, Janet Biggs, Amber Hawk Swanson  Biggs: Reel

Mark Tribe, Birdsall5

Ira Eduardovna, That. There. Then.

Juliane Zelwies, Masterpieces

Omer Fast, Selected Works

Erik Moskowitz & Amanda Trager

Cloud Cuckoo Land

Laurel Nakadate, Video Excerpts

Martin Sastre: Bolivia 3

 Confederation Next

Pawel Wojtasik, Dark Sun Squeeze

Saya Woolfalk

Winter Garden: Hybrid Love Objects